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Signs in your path

Tuesday, June 1st, 2010

Greetings godswappers,

Well I’m back after a short vacation. Vacations are always too short, but I’m back to get my swap on. Welcome new readers who’ve found my site now that I get listed in search engines! It’s really exciting seeing how quickly things change when you switch hosts!!! (

Next month our topic will be “signs/messages”. Do you believe that your god(s) reach out to you with signs or messages? If so, what form do they take? How do your god(s) leave makers in your life’s path? Do your god(s) direct you in that way? Are the signs you see passive or are they orders? Have you never experienced such a thing and are curious how this shows up for others?

There are moments for me where things are so synchronized, I can’t help but feel it’s purpose. Recent signs in my life have been around my relationship to service. I love being of service! It makes me really happy to know I’m useful in some way. Recently my god(s) have shown me the ways that I can end up putting others before myself in unhelpful ways. Basically this looks like getting worn out and not being able to fulfill my obligations. To the eye of an outsider, this just looks like the trial and error that makes up life.

To me, I choose to see the hands of my god(s) at work. I choose to see the lesson, message, sign, etc. I’ve worked so hard for my god(s), my signs recently are pointing to “work-aholic”. My work ethic is getting in the way of my god(s) work for me by wearing me out. Now, I love this work. I love reminding people that their relationship to whatever inspires them is theirs, no one else has the power to dictate it for them! Watching people bloom with that empowerment is amazing!!! I’m all too quick to believe that it’s more important than sleep or other self-care.

Sometimes it’s something as simple as seeing a picture on the internet of an animal or image that reminds me of a friend. I take this as a sign that I would like to call them. :)

In life you will experience and see many things, to the outside observer, that appear mundane. However, your personal experience about said “thing” has the potential for you to see something in addition to that. Your Inspiration will often add itself to what you see and experience. Some people relate to animals and will often see images of them when they are headed toward what their god(s) are guiding them to. Some people move toward the direction that the fear comes from. Lucky pennies, shooting stars, and superstitions are all used in this way to some degree or another by those that believe in their powers. I could be something no one else could see or know, a feeling in your body, your favorite color, or connections to old memories, that signify a message is being sent.

Come explore how inspiration can show us the way, wherever we may go.

godswap LIVE
June 7th, 2010 @ 7:30pm (PST)
2519 Mission St
San Francisco, CA 94110
Suggested donation is $10, no one turned away for lack of funds.

Ways you can help godswap:

*Come early or stay late to help assist me during the event, to answer the door after the discussing has started, brew tea, set up, or tear down the space.

*Host your own godswap event. Would you be interested in learning how to facilitate this event and are willing to be my guinea pig while I figure out how to put what I do into words that other people will understand?

*Send me interesting current events. I can use people who spend time during the week finding interesting news articles that would be fun to add to a godswap newsfeed.

*Write an introduction for any of our upcoming topics. If you have special thoughts about a particular topic coming up and would like to write the introduction, I am totally into that. Send me a draft.

*Make a video. If you have a really creative spiritual path, produce a short video showcasing it. I’d be happy to post it to the site!

*Contribute however you’re positively drawn to do so!!! Contact me at

I want this to not be about me, as much as possible, so that this project is sustainable without me.

Thanks for reading. Feel free to offer comments and suggestions in the comment section below.
The god(s) in me honor the god(s) in you. Let’s go play.